Friday, March 20, 2009

Peter Dunlap-Shohl: Limits make you creative

If you missed the real-time version of Dunlap-Shohl’s talk on how he navigated medical and professional brick walls to come out the other side into one of his most creative periods ever, you didn’t really. Thanks to cyberspace, you can listen to his UAA talk here. Your experience will be greatly enhanced by going to his blog and reading the entry titled “Exiled from my comfort zone: Finding creativity where I least expected it.” There you can follow along with the speech and open the links to the artwork (political cartoons, evolving into animation and films as he progressed).

Dunlap-Shohl’s hardships and subsequent resilience are absolute metaphors for the news industry today. As he learned how to use new tools to do what he used to do, he discovered the tools could do far more. He describes an awakening—“Why would I use a $2,000 machine to reproduce a 19th century version of my work.” Instead, he used the computer to “move into the 21st century.”

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