Friday, December 14, 2007

Bob Martinson

Hey Paola, I finally got onto this. It wasn't recognizing my address until now. The Outdoor reporting judges will come from Outside Magazine and they are excited about doing it, Bob.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SPJ has a useful blog about FOI issues

Check the SPJ FOI Blog, tell people in the state about it, and send me news from Alaska that I can get posted there.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Alaska Broadcasters Goldies Announced

Here are the journalism-related winners from the Alaska Broadcasters Association Goldie Awards given out on Saturday. For a list of all winners, journalism and otherwise, click here.

Radio News Story Division 2

“Caribou Hills Fire Update”
Mike Mason – News Director

Radio News Story Division 1

“Governor Palin Appointments”
Kathy Phillips – News Director & Anchor

TV News Story Division 2

“The Alaska Gasline Inducement Act”
Giacomo Accardo – Reporter & Producer

TV News Story Division 1

“FBI Raid”
Steve MacDonald – Reporter
Brad Hillwig – Photographer

TV News Story Division 1

“MatMaid: Trytten Dairy Farm”
Grace Jang – Reporter
Ken Fankhauser – Photographer

Radio News Feature Single Division 2

“Steam Heat – The Yupik Way”
Angela Denning-Barnes – News Director

Radio News Feature Single Division 1

“KFQD Newscast”
John Owens – Newscaster
Joron Bourque – Reporter

TV News Feature Single Entry Division 2

“Guitar Man”
Chelsey Schell – Reporter/Videographer/Editor

TV News Feature Single Entry Division 1

“Bethel JROTC: The Right Stuff”
Rhonda McBride – Reporter
Scott Jensen – Photographer & Editor

Radio News Feature Series Division 2

“Starring: An Alaskan Tradition”
Melissa Marconi Wentzel – Reporter

TV News Feature Series Division 1

“Soldier Baby”
Jill Burke – Reporter
Kyle Stalder – Photographer & Editor

Radio Breaking News Story Division 2

“Prince Rupert, B.C. Flooding”
Stuart Whyte – Reporter
Anita Hales – News Director & Reporter

Radio Breaking News Story Division 1

“Condominium Fire”
Kurt Haider – Reporter
Doug McCullough – Producer

TV Breaking News Story Division 2

Tracy Gladden – Anchor & Reporter

TV Breaking News Story Division 1

“Park Place Apartment Fire”
Megan Baldino -- Reporter
Daniel Hernandez – Photographer

Radio News Program Division 2

“Alaska Fisheries Report: June 7, 2007”
Casey Kelly – Host & Producer

Radio News Program Division 1

“Newsday AM”
Mike Pataky – Host
Billy Hackett – Co-Host/Producer

TV Evening Newscast Division 2

“Fairbanks Evening News”
Billie Sundgren – News Anchor/News Director
Bob Miller – News Anchor
Darryl Lewis – Sports
Mike Shultz – Weather

TV Evening Newscast Division 1

“KTUU – Late Edition”
Channel 2 News Team

Radio Public Affairs Program Division 2

“Sounding Board – Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault”
KNOM News & Public Affairs Department

Radio Public Affairs Program Division 1

KNBA Public Forum
“The In-migration of Rural Alaska”
Dixie Hutchinson – Host & Producer

TV Public Affairs Program Division 1

“Ironwoman: The DeeDee Jonrowe Story”
John Tracy – Executive Producer
Scott Jensen – Producer/Photographer/Editor

Radio Sports News Story Division 2

“Laci Shoots – Announcers Go Wild!”
Bob Norton – Sportscaster
Clark Slanaker – Sportscaster
Bob Kern – Talent

Radio Sports News Story Division 1

“Bob & Mark @ the Iditarod”
Bob Lester – Host
Mark Colavecchio – Host
Matthew “Alice” Collins – Producer
Jen Shevlin – Program Director

TV Sports News Story Division 2

“Media Night Racing”
Darryl Lewis – Reporter & Editor
Ty Keltner – Videographer

TV Sports News Story Division 1

“The Kusko 300: The Biggest Little Race”
Rhonda McBride – Reporter
Scott Jensen – Photographer/Editor

Radio Live Sports Event Division 2

“ Iditarod Finish”
Paul Korchin – News Director & Announcer

Radio Live Sports Event Division 1

“April 24: Aces vs. Condors”
Jack Michaels – Sportscaster
Chad Harrison – Producer

TV Live Sports Event Division 2

Fox 7 Sports Presents College Hockey
“Notre Dame at Alaska”
Tanana Valley Television – Production
Carlson Center Video Production – Production
UA Department of Athletics – Executive Producer

TV Live Sports Event Division 1

“Iditarod Start”
John Tracy – Executive Producer
Trent McNelly – Technical Producer
Tracy Sinclare – Producer
Shirley Enzor – Director

TV Best Use of Video Division 1

“Fairview Park Revitalization”
Scott Favorite – Photojournalist

Radio Uniquely Alaskan Program Division 2

“Valdez Fishing Report”
Laurie Prax – Interviewer
Sarah Brewer – Interviewer
Nelli Vanderburg – Interviewer
Yvette Morales – Interviewer

Radio Uniquely Alaskan Program Division 1

“Listen to the Elders”
Phillip Blanchett -- Producer
Loren Dixon – Producer

TV Uniquely Alaskan Program Division 2

“Alaska Climate Change”
Giacomo Accardo – Reporter & Producer

TV Uniquely Alaskan Program Division 1

“Iditarod Airforce”
Megan Baldino – Reporter
Scott Jensen – Photographer

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rhonda is staying on the Press Club board

Rhonda is the Alaska Press Club's vice president and is organizing the 2008 conference. She will stay on the board through April, in case you were wondering.
She's been doing a great job thus far.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Will there be anyone left?

Well, with the announcement that Rhonda McBride is going to work for the state, I count at least four Alaskan journalists in the employ of Governor Sarah Palin.

I feel like starting a pool as to who'll be next....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Any interest...?

I've been talking with some other bloggers around the state, a few of them reporters (past and present), about pitching a blogging seminar for next year's J-Week.

I'm thinking it might contain some nuts-and-bolts about how to get started as well as discussion on bloggers-as-journalists and the stickiness that arises when a reporter blogs.

Any interest?

Friday, October 5, 2007

Contest results

If an entry says there are no results as of press time, it could be the results never arrived to the judge, or the judge did not return comments on time or at all. That happened with two big categories in the 2006 contest. If that happened to you and I'm not aware of it, please notify me as soon as possible.
More often, the judge just didn't get results back in time for the awards banquet, but they are returned and winners get their certificates.
I hope that helps.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A question about award judging...

I got this e-mail this morning from a reporter who asked that I post it for discussion. I didn't have any answers for her, given this blog is all I do for the Press Club.

Feel free to chime in with the comments section and we can get a conversation going. Just keep it civil -- we all know how easy it is for internet comments to get insensitive and out of hand.

Hi Jay,

I just had a question that … concerns the Press Club awards. Every year there are categories that say "no results available as of press time" or something like that. If we pay entry fees and send in stories, it seems fair that we should at least get results, if not by the time of the banquet, certainly at some point. As far as we know, there are still no results for those categories.

Can you give us some insight? This question came up a lot, the question of what constitutes "good" reporting. The judges who say "none of these stories warranted an award" seems short sighted and frankly, ignorant, given that our logistics are so different in Alaska.

Ok, all of this rambling is to say, people are starting to feel that it isn't worth paying the entry fee to get absolutely no feedback, or to be criticized by people who have never tried to report in rural Alaska. Constructive criticism is great, but to slam a whole slew of reporters from small Alaska stations seems counter productive.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Links and questions...

On the right I've put links to some Alaska news outlets, but it's not complete; please let me know of other news outlets I overlooked or don't know about. I'm especially foggy on commercial broadcast outlets with news in Southeast and Fairbanks (and may have missed some in Anchorage). Just reply to this post or e-mail me at

Regarding blogs... The New York Times and Anchorage Daily News have jumped into blogs with both feet, so blogs by reporters seems like a no-brainer. But what about independents? The question kind of gets to the heart of if bloggers are journalists. There are blogs more about commentary and punditry than about news... should their like be listed?

Questions, questions. I'm sure there'll be more.


Our blog

I am looking for suggestions of what to make of our blog. Ideas are recent controversies or problems. For example, last week the Sitka Sentinel dealt with an issue about how the assembly had construed the open meeings law. They went into executive session, but never came out and voted on what they had discussed, which is what is supposed to happen.
I would like to see discussions and postings of events. Another recent example: Jim Avery, a University of Oklahoma professor of advertising who has done a lot of research and creative work around the world, was in Anchorage last week. We could have posted that and gotten more people from journalism or even from the business side of journalism to attend.

I'm excited about this blog, but our mission now is to tell people about it.

I'd also like to get more photos of Alaska journalists in action on the site and links to Alaska journalism Web sites or other media blogs.



Thanks for creating this Alaska Press Club Blog. Hopefully, we'll be able to use it to keep folks up to date about J-Week... and discuss journalistic issues that affect us all.

Thanks for stepping up to do this.

Rhonda McBride


Welcome to the new Alaska Press Club blog.

Paola will be posting here soon with what direction she'd like it to take, and I think it'll include having members post as well. Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section.

-- Jay