Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jay Rosen offers 12 links to think about status of journalism

Thanks to John Proffitt of Gravity medium for spotting and sharing this info. The article, Rosen's Flying Seminar in the Future of News, focuses a lot on analyzing what the demise of newspapers may mean. I'm still reading so can't pick out the main points for you yet, but it's got a dozen links to go deeper.

Rosen's analysis is ongoing, but was sparked by this March 13 essay by thinker Clay Shirkey, called Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable. A must read.

And while we are sharing links, here's a recent write up on our keynote speaker David Cohn's enterprise,, from March 17 in the SFGATE.

Additionally, be aware that press club members plan to audio podcast sessions for those of you who cannot be in two places at once. We are also still recruiting live bloggers, so let me know if you have interest. Maia Nolan has signed on, Seth Boyer from UAA and Kathleen McCoy. More are welcome.

Thanks, all.

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