Friday, March 27, 2009

AUDIO PODCAST: Panel - Are we ready for the next big one?

Friday, 9-10:45 a.m.

Program: From quakes to volcanoes, to ice jam floods to fires, Alaska is a state where the question is not if a disaster will happen, but when. Since 2001, every region in the state has experienced at least one disaster. Many have had several. Given the odds, you’d expect newsrooms to be prepared. But are they? PANELISTS: John Madden, Director of the State Division of Emergency Services. Lt. Gen. Craig Campbell, Commissioner of State Dept. of Military and Veteran Affairs. Edgar Blatchford, UAA Journalism Professor who was in Seward in 1964, where the earth opened up and waves washed away the waterfront. Janice Boylan, compiled: The Day Trees Bent to the Ground: Stories from the 64 Earthquake. Tay Thomas, 1964 Earthquake Survivor. Mike Ross, KTUU-TV Anchor who worked at WWL-TV in New Orleans, the only station that stayed on the air during Katrina. MODERATOR: Michael Carey, host of Anchorage Edition.

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