Saturday, April 10, 2010

NY Times Blog, Bay Area, says this region is ground zero for nonprofit journalism

Story link:
Bay Area emerges as center for nonprofit journalism

Besides being interesting in light of this new if shaky environment for journalism, I point out this story because it mentions SF Public Press.

One of our 2010 J-Week presenters, Suzanne Yada, is a member of the steering committee for SF Public Press where she is a social media strategist for them. Suzanne was a full-time professional newspaper copyeditor in Visalia, California, doing feature and A-1 news layouts, when she decided to go back to school. She will graduate in May with a B.S. in journalism and a minor in business. She moderates a weekly nation-wide Twitter conversation from 8-10 p.m. Monday nights on college journalism under the Twitter hash tag #collegejourn. Recently she was invited by a University of Oregon journalism professor to participate in an online panel on Twitter and journalism. Her blog provides the link, and a window into how new journalists are thinking about breaking news.

Her bio:
Suzanne Yada is a social media strategist for SF Public Press, an independent nonprofit news organization in San Francisco. She is also the online editor for the Spartan Daily, San Jose State University's daily newspaper. She comes from a print background, having been a copy editor and designer at a daily community paper in Central California for three years. She's also been involved in at least eight different media-related startups. She blogs and tweets about the future of the journalism industry at and

Stay tuned, more info will be coming onto the blog and onto the Alaska Press Club Web site over the next week as we highlight the presenters coming for the conference May 6-7-8 at APRN/UAA.

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