Tuesday, April 27, 2010

J-Week writing workshop leader provides story links for session

Kevin Fagan, reporter from the SF Chronicle, is teaching two workshops for print journalists at JWeek 2010. One session is on the art of storytelling and truthtelling; the second one is on how to keep a fresh perspective despite contracting newsrooms and declining resources. This reporter says he's having a great time being a reporter after 30 years on the job, and can report that the SF Chronicle is no longer losing $1M a week. Kevin says they've turned the corner and are making money, thanks to a blend of print and online strategies.

Here are the two story links he'll talk about in the Storytelling workshop:

Giants' Villalona enmeshed in hometown slay case

Shame of the City, Homeless Island

Here are three shorter essays that address the 2nd workshop on keeping a fresh perspective:

Why I go to executions
Writer misses Jill's skinny hugs
Reason to smile, Rita Grant's teeth were a raw reminder of her brutal years on the streets

The full workshop schedule will be posted by Friday.

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