Monday, October 1, 2007

Our blog

I am looking for suggestions of what to make of our blog. Ideas are recent controversies or problems. For example, last week the Sitka Sentinel dealt with an issue about how the assembly had construed the open meeings law. They went into executive session, but never came out and voted on what they had discussed, which is what is supposed to happen.
I would like to see discussions and postings of events. Another recent example: Jim Avery, a University of Oklahoma professor of advertising who has done a lot of research and creative work around the world, was in Anchorage last week. We could have posted that and gotten more people from journalism or even from the business side of journalism to attend.

I'm excited about this blog, but our mission now is to tell people about it.

I'd also like to get more photos of Alaska journalists in action on the site and links to Alaska journalism Web sites or other media blogs.

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