Saturday, October 13, 2007

Any interest...?

I've been talking with some other bloggers around the state, a few of them reporters (past and present), about pitching a blogging seminar for next year's J-Week.

I'm thinking it might contain some nuts-and-bolts about how to get started as well as discussion on bloggers-as-journalists and the stickiness that arises when a reporter blogs.

Any interest?


John Proffitt said...

Jay -- I'm not a journalist, officially, but I work with a bunch of them at APRN, doing the web stuff with them. If you do want to do a blogging session and you'd like some help with presenting the technical end of things (options, services out there, costs, technologies needed, skills needed, podcasting info, etc.), I'd be happy to help out. Most of the session should be focused on issues related to content, bias, relationship to employer, etc., but there's always the technical stuff to consider as well.

Jay Barrett said...


Sounds great. I'll write you directly. Sorry so long to respond here.