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Alaska Press Club J-Week March 26-29, 2009

This just in! Here's the latest on J-Week...


Thursday, March 26th: Evening Reception
Friday, March 27th: Daytime Workshops, Evening Panel Discussion
Saturday, March 28th: Daytime Workshops, Awards Banquet.
Sunday, March 29th: Morning Workshops hosted at local news media outlets.

Most workshops and the banquet will be held at the Anchorage Senior Center. But a few workshops will be hosted at local news media outlets.


ALASKA JOURNALISM IN TRANSITION: Finding New Ways to Make a Difference in Your Community.

Alaska journalists, like their counterparts across the nation, wonder what the future holds. How much of journalism as we know it today will exist tomorrow? How do we keep from becoming dinosaurs, yet evolve to keep alive the values that help us make a difference in the communities we serve? Many of this year's workshops will explore how to turn today's challenges into opportunities. Come to learn, reflect and recharge. And then go home to make a difference in your community.

WORKSHOP FEES: J-Week is FREE to Alaska Press Club members. Annual membership is $25 for working journalists. Daily Rate: $30 a day for non-members. $10 for students enrolled in high school or college. No charge for Anchorage Senior Citizen Center members.

BANQUET: Doors open at the Senior Center at 6:45pm. $30.00 in advance. Tickets at the door and for non-members: $35.00. To reserve tickets, email:

BANQUET KEYNOTE: DAVID COHN. Written for Wired, Seed, Columbia Journalism Review and The New York Times. Founder of, a non-profit that explores new models to pay for investigative reporting and public service journalism that has fallen by the wayside as mainstream media struggles to stay in the black.


RICK BOWMER. Veteran photojournalist who works out of the AP Bureau in Portland. Bowmer has made the jump from still photography to incorporating video in AP?s multi-media efforts.

BILL DRUMMOND. Professor at University of California at Berkeley Covered the civil rights movement at the Louisville Courier-Journal. At the Los Angeles Times, worked as a local reporter, a bureau chief in New Delhi and Jerusalem and later a Washington correspondent. Founding editor of NPR?s Morning Edition. Currently researching ways to reduce stress in newsrooms.

ROBERT MEYEROWITZ. Snedden Professor at UAF. Former editor of the Anchorage Press. Worked for the Associated Press in Nicaragua and covered the civil war in El Salvador for National Public Radio.

CLARK MISCHLER. Well known Alaska photographer will present a workshop on photography basics, thay even experienced photojournalists say they find helpful.

LISA MARGONELLI. Writes about the global culture and economy of energy. Her book about the oil supply chain, Oil On the Brain: Petroleum's Long Strange Trip to Your Tank, was published by Nan Talese/Doubleday in 2007.

DEBORAH POTTER. Former television network news correspondent and founder of News Lab.

ED SCHOENFELD. News Director of Coast Alaska. Back for an encore. Will be developing sessions tooled to the needs of Alaska?s radio journalists.

PATRICK YACK. Current Atwood Fellow and leader of Florida?s highly successful open meetings and records movement.

More speakers, workshops and information to follow soon.
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